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    July 8, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01am PDT  

the injured in that crash and the types of injuries they received. commuters will finally get an answer about the opening date, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, how is is it looking so far? >> we do have a pretty big fog bank out there and it will be about the same as yesterday, may be a little warmer from the coast but 60s and 70s closer to the coast, here is sal. right now it doesn't look bad but traffic is moving along nicely as you come up to the mcarthur maze. westbound bay bridge so far so
good, let's go back to the desk. and back into the asiana airlines jets, they are now focusing on what went wrong seconds before that crash. the impact was caught on home video. >> his nose is up in the air, oh, my g-d, oh, it is an accident. >> oh you are filming it too. >> two 16-year-old girls from china were killed and the ntsb is giving us details of its early investigation based on information from the plane's two block boxes. we have live crash landing video and we have the latest on the treatment of those passengers from that flight but let's start with alex savage, he is at fso, alex, there is new background information on the pilot. >> reporter: we are learning
the poll lot involved -- pilot involved was actually on a training flight and this it is first time he had flown it and you can see the wreckage on the runway, that pilot came up short slamming the tail of the plane right to the end of the runway. we want to show you photos just released to the ntsb. now the airlines has identified -- has been identified and over all he is quite experienced but he only logged 43 hours in a boeing 777, he was actually in the process of getting his license for the triple 7 and on saturday he was flying with a more experienced pilot mentor. he suggested he was about to stall just seconds before the crash happened.
he tried to abort the landing seconds before the impact but of course it was too late. at that point, the craft was flying significantly low but this was clearly end excusable pilot error. >> there with two pilots, possibly the one flying was not as experienced as the captain but the captain let it go too far. >> now some are wondering why the pilot of flight 214 was not looking at indicators or looking out of the window as they approached. the crew of that flight will be interviewed as of yet that has not happened but they will get a better sense of what was going through their minds on saturday. meantime, the runway will remain intact and federal investigators particularly document all of the crash
scenes and all the material strewn across the area and it will remain closed for at least that long. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> an investigation into one of the deaths, 116-year-old girl -- one 16-year-old girl survived the crash but died afterwards. her injuries are consistent with being hit by a vehicle. they say it is possible she was hit by a vehicle in the chaos. and another was ejected from the plane and an autopsy could be completed sometime later today. we are learning about the types of injuries those received in that crash. and we have 6 of the passengers in critical condition, good morning paul? >> reporter: that is correct, there are 11 other people
remaining at the hospital. >> after ten minutes, it is horrible. it is horrible, because i left the plane and i take my baby to this hospital in the first ambulance. >> both women were traveling with their children and were able to make it out safely and one was crushed by the seat in front of him and the surgeon said none of the victims suffered burns and a few had abdominal and spinal injuries which were consistent with seat belt wounds. >> a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them include paralysis... >> reporter: now we saw several
people get on the bus here that left of the hospital and we are trying -- left the hospital and we are not sure who they are or if they had anything to do with the injured. there are a total of 13 patients still remaining. most are in critical condition and one person is a child. i will definitely find out what happened here with these people here behind us put on this bus. more flights are expected for travelers flying in and out of san francisco. we are trying to get everyone whose flights have been canceled and heavier than normal air traffic is anticipated today. some of patients we have been talking to have been camping out and they say they understand the situation. >> i have no idea what it will
be but here it is. >> right now three of the four runways at fso are opened and some flights may be diverted to oakland and san jose airports this week. many are offering free ticket changes to passengers flying in and out of fso. meantime taiwan dough students are here surviving the asiana airlines jet line crash. one described the group as the plane crash landed. people are left homeless by an apartment fire. at least 21 people including 3 fires started just before 2:00 a.m. at the hallmark house on woodside road. many people had to be rescued and the cause of that fire is still under investigation and one person is stillion
accounted for. -- still unaccounted for. resources are dangerously low. they are asking them to rethink the closure after the station closes today, officials will then meet tomorrow. firefighters and chief are hoping the board will find some funding to keep station 87 open. happening today, transit leaders plan to meet in sacramento. they will talk about whether or not the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day weekend. they are believing lawmakers -- briefing lawmakers into whether the bolts cracked after being tight ended in -- tight ended in march. a decision is waiting. -- many people are happy bart is now running at least for now. >> it will be running almost
for the next month as they negotiate a new contract but we are having service right now and the service is running and it is on time. let's go and take a look at these pictures 880 westbound no major problems here and if you are driving on at procedure to the carquinez -- are driving onto the carquinez bridge, it does look like there is a lot of people on the road right now. if you are driving into the south bay into san jose, it is a nice looking drive into 101 and traffic looks good getting up into the valley with no major delays. >> thank you, sal. pretty big fog bank, west wind at 25, most locations stay cloudy, far enough east, you can find some clear skies, it looks like high pressure is
coming back in and it will stay east but 60s and 70s coast and bay, a lot of 50s and overnight lows are running much cooler and a lot of 60s for some. also concord is on the cool side and that's a pretty good delta breeze. 48 in tahoe, you can see the sea breeze is i can -- breeze is making it out to the delta, it is nothing we have not seen before and we have a pretty big fog bank and it made it over the coastal hills and it might get squashed overall lots of sunshine, away from the coast, 60s to 90s and a lot of the these are very close to seasonal averages. it does look like a system will move into the north and
wednesday into thursday, it levels off and it looks like a bump up. shots fired in marin county. he was forced to open fire and there is an angry response from bystanders. and after saturday's crash landing at fso, details on that and what the ntsb is revealing about the crash, we will have that and more in a few minutes. it looks so far coming up to the grade, we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. this is a test.
. this comes after the ntsb brought two black boxes and the ntsb revealed the two pilots attempted to abort the landing
1.5 seconds before it crashed. the ntsb said the flight data recorders said the pilots tried to boost the plane's speed just before impact but there was no evidence they were experiencing any problems but earlier engine failure was not the cause of the crash. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new animation is investigated and they are saying what happened moments before the flight 214 crashed at fso. it shows the plane hitting the sea wall and the tail of the plane separating. it skids down the runway, goes back up in the air and settles back down and settles in a grassy area and the fuselage starts smoking. if there had not been that many
accidents, here is 12,008 and -- 2008, electrical fire broke out in the cargo plane -- in a cargo plane. three crew members survived. 1971 a pan american passenger jet crashed but everyone on board survived. and japan airlines flight two land short on the runway and settled in the waters of san francisco bay. again in that incident, everyone made it to safety. we are learning more about shots fired by a deputy in marin city. the sheriff's department said a deputy shot at a suspect on turner's drive and after that he accelerated his car at the deputy. it is unclear whether he was wounded but the deputy was hurt when witnesses threw rocks at him. and they are discovering
the body in a shallow grave. no information has been released about the gender and item tie and -- identity and anybody with information is asked to call police. they tested positive for west nile virus and the victor control could be the reason. half of those cases have been in sacramento and los angeles counties. all right, pam, sal is back and you have had a busy couple of days and you are watching something right now apartment you? >> yes, we are looking to see if there are any transit delays. bart is on time and we just want to hear it before you leave the house. let's go to the east shore freeway and talk about that traffic on the east shore looks
pretty good as you drive through and there are no major problems and if you are driving out to the mcarthur maze it looks good. for example interstate 808 looks fine at the oakland coliseum in both directions. as i pull back out, you can see -- do i see any red on the centers, not a lot really. everything looks good as you pull back in. it means that the road speeds are up. >> and we have a lot of low clouds and fog, west wind 25 and delta breeze has no problems and high pressure gave us the very hot conditions and we finally moved east and it will slide a little bit east and it will burn off and inland temperatures will come up, no change coast and bay, 60s and 70s and the lows are much cooler, 52 santa rosa, if it
was not for the low cloud deck, decent breeze for some, i'm not sure of the edge of it, west wind 25 and it is generally an on shore breeze. 48 in tahoe, temperatures have settled back into where they should be. there is a lot of low clouds and fog there, nothing is changing at the beaches. it will be a little warmer inland 60s to 90s and temperatures are close to seasonal average this time of year. fog sun warmer on tuesday and a system to the north allows more of cooling for wednesday into thursday and we settle a slight warm up as we head to the coming weekend. stock markets are up compared to the dollar which is good for european exporters but
nearly all of them fell nearly 2. 5% in the coming months. we have a pretty good opening following a pretty good day on friday. dow jones industrial average is up 147 points nasdaq and s&p 500 is also posting good news on friday and lots of stocks to watch with familiar names and earning season is getting underway but del and disney having some disappointing news this morning. hiring is skyrocketing in one pass set of the -- facet of the labor market. they jumped more than 50% and has spread beyond the office place including information technology, lawyers and even doctors said the increase intent said they are not willing to make some long-term
hires. time now 5:20, one of the biggest areas bay area transit, it will be different on sell bait's routes -- celebrate's routes. >> we did a car wheel. more from the man who opened to -- more from the man who happened to catch the whole plane crash on video. ñsxóxgñ
. welcome back, the man who took the moments before the deadly crash is talking with fso. >> it just hoovered in the air and then crashed. >> fred hayes said he and his wife were filming some. planes coming in when he noticed the nose was pointed up and suddenly he heard a big boom and saw the bounce. he is hoping it helps with the investigation. 19-year-old david shimel and the instructor from martial arts academy went to korea, they said they were trouble free until they approached home when he felt a sudden bump.
>> first bump was not that scary, it felt like a rollercoaster so it was fun at first but once we got side ways, we were in the fetal position and getting scared. >> reporter: simple said his -- shim mel said his group was seated in the plane and they are all doing okay. you can go to the website for more pictures as well as passengers escaping. they are getting 13 incidents of caravan limb. it happene 8:00 -- between 8:00 a.m. saturday and 8:00 a.m. sunday. it happened on pine street and yale road, and police are reminding people not to leave val huges in the -- valuables in the car and keep your doors
locked. 180 and 183 are being destined. there are route changes on 42, 42 and 81 and the dash shuttle will continue operating at night. details of all the changes can be found on the website. we also have sal who covers all of our traffic needs this early morning, welcome, sal. >> bet you wish you were sleeping but don't answer that, let's go out and take a look at the commute. i saw your tweet, it was funny. 880 traffic is moving along nicely, no problems on northbound 17, 680 looks good as you drive passed mission boulevard but we are off to a good start. a man who is also on twitter, mr. steve steve paulson -- steve paulson. >> i was telling my father
yesterday how much twitter has changed the weather. we have a big fog bank out there not a lot, i don't see much change coast or bay, but inland 80s, here is pamela. bart trains are rolling again but the labor dispute that crippleeled the bay area commute is far from over. >> some passengers are told they may not be able to get a flight out until the middle of the week. investigators continue to piece together crews from the crash landing at fso and we will have new imageels and some information about the pilot's experience.
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. welcome back it is monday july 8thth, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> people are cranky, i tell you, we cooled it back down pam and dave and we do have a little bit of a fog bank and it will warm up, 60s and 70s closer to the water. westbound traffic looks good as you drive between walnut creek and oakland and if
i could have the guys put up a map, i have a problem in the northbound at santa rosa freeways and there is a jackknifed truck, chp says it is not causing any lane blockage, but it ended up almost into a trailer park and ended up at todd road and watch for portions in this area, let's go back to the desk. investigations at fso look at the video. passengers are escaping after emergency slides deploy. one crew member said there were probably -- problems. despite being hurt they continued to help passengers get off that plane.
after that crash first responders arrived and started treating the injured. they were taken by a passenger on the plane. he said when he looked out the window during the final approach, he could tell something was wrong. he said everybody was screaming until the plane finally stopped moving and they realized he was still alive. he had almost 98 hours and almost 48 in that type of plane. however he have was with a more experienced pilot, two teenage girls who were on an educational trip from china were killed. more than 180 others were hurt. the ntsb could interview the pilots involved as early as today. the wreckage will remain at the
crash site in connection kate to be examined and in many cases it could take months or years to determine the probable reason for the crash. they are causing some headaches for travelers as one runway was still closed this morning. katie is there at the airport now where some people were preparing to be stranded until the middle of the week. good morning. good morning, dave, i was out here on saturday and most people were in shock and also just very understanding about the delays. at this point, people have been here and many are tired and we are are you and we learn they may not get out of here until wednesday. there are a lot of tired and we are are you faces and people have been stuck here as we said since saturday, you can find
anywhere remotely comfortable to close their eyes. some have spent the night but they were told once again flights were closed because of staffing issues. >> this is almost as much as what it costs me to fly over here and this is pretty a annoying, i have already paid for my hotel in new york. >> reporter: other airlines have seen movement and we have smoke end with -- spoken with people flying out, their flight is still on time and some customers are given food vouchers and most are stuck with a bill if they have stayed at hotels. they are dropping people off this morning but the best i can do is to tell you to check with
other airlines and others are getting right on their flights this morning while others are waiting until wednesday. katie hugh, ktvu channel 2 morning news. some of them just left this morning and paul chambers is at the hospital this morning with what we are learning about those injured passengers, paul? >> reporter: there is a lot going on within the last half hour. we told you about people boarding a bus and let's immediately go to that video right now. there is about 8 to 10 people boarding this out of service muni bus and we are told they were also in this crash and they were not willing to talk to the immediate but can tell you they just left the bus. earlier there were 17 people still remaining in the hospital and of course they were people who just got on the bus.
we are told three underwent surgery and some may have some life-threatening injuries. >> some of them are spinal cord injuries and we are hoping they recover but the chance of that are slim. >> that was the chief of surgery who we spoke with moments ago and she said 70% of people we spoke with had one form of spinal fracture or more and three will go through surgery later today and i will have more coming up in our later reports. i am automatic chambers -- paul chambers ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are reacting to deadly
error. >> what they noticed in videos of the crash landing and what they say should have been done differently. investigations are underway in walnut creek after a par glider -- para glider fell to his death. it is right behind boundary oak's -- boundary oak's. he was taken to a trauma center where he later died. prisoners are going on a hunger strike. since the beginning of the year they said they would start of themselves unless they improve the solitary confinement units. it is what they show as the main conditions and the need for major reforms. they are holding a rally supporting the strike and they have the largest prison strike which is when 6500 inmates
refused to eat. bart and its biggest unions are scheduled to resume as early as today. today is the first week day they will have full service since the strike started and they will reach a new deal when they come sought again. part admitted they -- bart admitted they were ongoing negotiations. at least for now workers are not talking about a strike and they say there have been some progress in contract talks. what happened in the north bay, sal? we have a problem with a truck that jackknifed off the freeway and there are no injuries however this could be a vigil hazard. let me show you on the north, it is 103 at todd road on the
shoulder and somebody from a nearby trailer park called it in and said this chinning almost game into into the area. it is not that early but it surprises me people are out but traffic is moving along slowly and some of those cash lanes are getting into the city. could it be people are not trusting they could get on the bart train, we'll see what happens. steve? we have a solid phone bank and over the weekend temperatures are down and it is bumping up, we don't have an offshore breeze, by wednesday
and thursday it does look cooler and we are not looking for any extremes like we had last year when those inland temperatures were baking. we have a doesn't sea breeze -- decent sea breeze and we have a lot of 50s and 52 in half-moon bay and santa rosa is there as well. walnut creek and 53 for concord, we have 10 to 15 degrees cooler at this time. wes ward fairfield, they had gusts at 30 and west at 25, a good delta breeze in place, sacramento, that delta breeze is making it there and temperatures statewide are looking to be on the normal this time of year. they are burning off sooner and a little more than normal. 80s to 90s, i don't think i see any changes closer to the water and you may not notice only in
water. fog sun, a little cooler wednesday into thursday, the system is moving to the north and we have a slight bump up on the temperatures for the upcoming weekend. the america's cup, it is officially underway why some are calling the first race an embarrassment. they are calling them out to a second deadly crash, what we are learning about alaska. and the commute looks good all the way to the peninsular and the san mateo bridge, we will tell you more straight ahead.
. good morning, we have a fog bank out there, slightly warmer
by the coast, not much change closer. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following the ntsb says they are into the early fact gathering point where asiana airlines jet said the pilot never land had a boeing 777 before. the ntsb says experience is one of many things they will be reviewing. they hope to question both by lots today. and -- both pilots today. they will be talking about whether the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day weekend. they are talking about the bolts and the information will be released to the public on wednesday. they are releasing contract negotiations and they have until august 4th to reach a new deal or bart workers will walk
out again. both sides admit they have a lot of work to do before they reach that deadline. muslim brotherhood, after deadly crashes outside of the reporters. at least 40 people were killed, 322 more have been injured. officials in each script said they opened fire first on troops outside the building but members of the military fired at supporters of the of the former president while they were gathered more morning prayers. supporters of mohamed morsi have been facing off daily after he was removed from power in what some are calling a koop. >> and a train derailed and at least five people were killed
in that explosion which destroyed 30 buildings in quebec. firefighters are still trying to put out the flames from two burning tanker cars. they haded to keep their distance due to the possibility of explosions. this morning, they are also accepting teams to all las disa to investigate a small plane crash there. the pilots were killed at the -- at that point. it burned before rescuers could arrive and it is the worst aviation accident in 25 years. they are working to get past ports for people who crashed at fso. they talked also about the two young girls killed in the crash. both were 16 years old and they were from a school in eastern
china and organized a two week summer camp. they identified the girls and posted photos of them. >> they were very young girls and here for summer camp and we are very, very sorry for their tragedy. >> flight 214 originated in shanghai. yesterday the chinese council member with them to address concerns. a caravan of hearses traveled to where they were based. large crowds gathered along the procession routes to pay their respects. they were part of a team of highly skilled firefighters and they were killed while trying to build a fire line around the yarnell fire. the america's cup challenge
series finally got underway and it was new zealand that took the first win. the cata moran hit speeds of 50 miles per hour. they had been scheduled to race against the luna team but the italians decided they would never sit this one out. some are calling that race an embarrassment. >> pam and dave, we are looking at traffic that is doing well but it is getting crowded and it's certainly no holiday like but there is certainly a big line except for those fast trackers. when the metering lights are on, it will get crowded there as well. interstate 880 looks good and traffic is moving well on southbound 880 all the way down to fremont and northbound 101
near todd road, it is not blocking lanes however chp call it is a visual hazard for people driving slowly passed the scene. so let's take a look. >> thank you steve. >> well, i just had a nice e- mail from tracy in roaner park. there is a lot of low clouds for some, making a good push and it is getting helped along out to the delta as well. 50s on the lows and last week we were dealing with #0s for -- 70s for some of these lows. 52 in santa rosa, walnut creek, 52 and west at 25, fairfield will keep an eye on that, there is a sure sign can it can help.
it is driving off a slightly bigger pattern and it is average this time of year. average 60s to 90s and it does not take much time but it is close to seasonal averages. it does look cooler but we have a cooler pattern wednesday and thursday. slighter pattern but nothing extreme. facebook is finding places people and photos and starting today they are rolling out its grass search feature. only a few people were allowed to test it and now you should have it before the end of summer all nine of the line curvy buildings will be connected by alongside walk and this is the first campus they
have built specifically -- specifically from the ground up and it is she signed to use radiant heating and they are scheduled to wrap it up 2015. dispickable me two, the animated feature film did better than expected taking it $82 million which all but guarantees another film for the franchise and they end earned more despite having the same team that created pirates of the caribbean, monster's university and that is specifically on the agenda. >> i know. a surfing story you would never expect but it is hard to believe but what happened when a surfer and a whale collided. we have the video to show you.
>> veteran pilots, their theory behind what went wrong.
. the ntsb continues their investigation into the deadly crash. veteran pilots are weighing in and so far they say the flight came in too slow, stalled and tried too late to abort the landing. we are now learning the pilots had never land add triple boeing 777 but they are wondering if there was a communication breakdown between the pilot andco pilot. >> in the asian community they respect their elders and it is possible the guy in the right seat, it is possible he didn't want to say captain, you are screwing up. >> reporter: it appears human error is to plame. they a -- blame, they could interview the lie lots as -- pilots as early as today. you are seeing more video of
passengers and people escaping. >> the shelter is doing something they had never done before. today starting for the first time it will be closed to the public two days a week. the shelter will now be closed on sundays and mondays and they will keep a limited number of staff on duties to handle animals with emergencies. you are being warned, watch out for whales. they are asking crews to slow down with helping injured whales. an unusual amount of whales have been spotted because of cell in the area. 33 hump back whales and one thin whale, and in australia, a surfer is very lucky to be alive but he was knocked unconscious by the tail of that
whale. at first they were excited about being so close but moments later it turned very dangerous and that surfer was hit by the tail. he is in the hospital now but he is expected to survive. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. let's start in the south bay, northbound 208 in -- 280 in the santa clara area, jack knifed road, we will have to block that right lane and to get out of there, we will start doing that and we could see a slow down. let's go back to the desk. moments of the deadly plane crash, we'll see how the tragedy is affecting flights in and out of fso. also disturbing information about the death of one teenager, what the ntsb is saying this morning. good morning, lots of low
clouds and fog, our forecasted highs in two minutes.
. commuters will finally get an answer about the opening day. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. thank you more waking up this monday morning, i am pam cook. >> let's check your weather and traffic, he can handle the coast, inland, what whatever you want. -- whatever you want. a little more warm weather, nothing approaching the 104s and 105s, 60s and 70s by the water, here is sal.